Green superfoods to incorporate into everyday eating


Popeye was a wise man.  Always eating spinach to help gain strength, those leafy greens were a staple in his daily nutrition regimen. Although you won’t gain massive muscle bellies immediately upon ingesting, spinach does play a healthy role when it comes to conquering fitness goals. Not only is spinach a powerful green superfood, other greens fall into this category as well. Embrace your inner Popeye and work your way to strength and excellent nutrition with these top four green superfoods.

Spinach – Health benefits include diabetes management do to alpha-lipoic acid, cancer prevention, asthma prevention, lowers blood pressure as it is rich in potassium, promotes bone health and healthy skin and hair.

Green Tea – Can improve brain function, increases fat burning and improves physical performance, may lower risks of breast, prostate,  and colorectal cancer, it may lower your risk of alzheimer’s disease, it also may lower the risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Asparagus – This mean green fighting machine is loaded with vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, and K, it can also help fight against cancer, is jam packed with antioxidants, improve brain function, and is a natural diuretic.

Spirulina – I’ve never heard of this one before and thought this would be one to highlight!  This blue-green algae contains iron, copper, and protein and contains all nine essential amino acids.  It too helps prevent cancer, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, boosts energy, and speeds up weight loss.